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This is Nayanatara who wants to share my experience with you all. I and my hubby married when we are studying engineering. Ours is a love marriage. I gave birth to a baby boy when I was in 22. After our engineering we struggled hard to get a job to settle in life. We have no one to help us except our friends. As days passed I and hubby use to quarrel regularly due to frustration because the money we earn is not enough for our expenses and for our baby. As days passed we hated each other and finally we divorced. I am 26 when I was divorced. He said that he don’t want to take care of my baby.So now I have to work to take care of our baby. With the help of our neighbors I concentrated on my job search. Every one of my friends use to give money for our survival and they used to say “try for a job and you will get it as you are beautiful”. After 10 interviews I was selected for a job and was very happy because from now on there are no worries for money. Take the salary every month and be happy with my son. My friends suggested me to marry again and I too agreed. Everyone who came to see me liked me and asked to keep my son in the hostel and forget about my son to marry them. But I was not interested in leaving my son. So I decided not to marry again in my life and decided to stay with my son.Now you might know what I am going to say in my experience. After that decision I made my son as my world. I use to go to office and take care of him after I returned from the office. As days passed I became strong on my finance. I never looked for the help for someone for money. I am in a position to give money. I gave all the freedom to my son because he was the only one left for me and I wanted him to be happy. I used to take him to parties along with me so that he doesn’t get bored at home. We use to sleep in the same room. As I was not having sex from the age of 27, I use to satisfy my sexual urges while I take bath. I hope no need to explain all those things. I and my son use to go for lot of parties. As he grew up ever one who sees us say that we are lovers.Those who know that we are mom and son use to say me, you both look like brother and sister. Every one use to have their eyes on my son as he looks handsome and I use to feel proud for having such a handsome son. We use to behave like friends. During his 18 years he never asked me where is dad. I hope my friends have said everything me and my hubby. So he never asked me. On his 19 birthday he gave party to his friends in our house. They are all happy with the party. Next day after I came from the office he said you are looking beautiful mom, my friends discussed only about you today in the college. They asked me how your mom looked so beautiful at 40’s. I laughed for his words. He also asked me the same. I said because I go to gym 5 days in a week.They said that you are my sister when they saw you for the first time. Then I said whenever we go for a party my friends use to say the same. After that I prepared the dinner and we had our dinner and went to sleep. He was sleeping beside me and I was just recollecting the words what he said after I came from the office. After some time I felt I kissing my son and kissed him on his forehead and went to sleep.Whenever I go for a party with my son I will be disturbed that night. I will be attracted towards my son. But now-a-days I was very much disturbed by him. I am helpless. Some days I used to be away from him but I can’t help myself. I needed the man in him. To satisfy my sexual urges I can fondle any one in my company but the feeling I have towards my son is different. I am getting those feelings when I see my son. One day I decided to seduce my son. Now I will say you about myself. My name is Nayanatara. I am fair in color and hair up to my butts and its color is black. I have a figure of 36dd-30-36. To have a more idea about my figure you can imagine the film star “Nayanatara”.I won’t be as beautiful and sexy as her but 60% of her I resemble. About my son he looks handsome to me and what can I say about my son. I will call him honey. So I decided to seduce my honey showing my beauties. So I started to show my beauties by showing the side view of my breasts, tying the sari below my navel and wearing the blouse which shows more of my back. One day I dressed very beautifully and went near him and asked how I look. He said you are always beautiful mom. I said thanks and went to prepare the dinner. I tied the sari so tight for that he can have the sexy view of my butts and whenI was going to kitchen he was staring at my butts and I felt very happy. As days passed I used to show more of my beauties. I slid the loose end of the sari so that he views my breasts size.Because of all these he started to move close to me. He started to hug me from behind and kiss me on cheeks. I know that he wanted me. But he was afraid of something. In order to break that fear one day I kept leave for office. By the time he came from college I kept Mehandi for my hands. Before that I dressed in a way that most of my beauties make him mad and I also bought lot of flowers and kept them in the hair. Any person will get a sexual feeling towards the women who keeps flowers. By the time he came I kept the doors wide open. He came and hugged me from front and crushed my breasts between our hug and asked why I was on leave. I said some reason and asked him to fresh up and come and he did. He asked me for some snacks and I showed him where there are. He came and sat beside me with the snack plate and started watching the TV.He was eating and feeding some in my mouth as my hands are not free. While eating he looked at me and said you are looking gorgeous with these flowers mom and kissed me on cheeks. I said thanks and stood from the sofa as I was feeling inconvenience and made my loose end of the sari slip from its place and he was staring at my breasts and my navel as I tied the sari 4 inches below. After 2 minutes I asked him to keep the sari in its place and he did and I said thanks. After that I asked Honey can you do me a favor and he asked what favor mom. I said my sari tangles are loose, it is inconvenience for me. Can you remove the sari and tie for me. He said I don’t know how to tie the sari. I said I will say you and you do as I say. He said ok mom. I asked him to completely remove the sari. While removing the sari he ate all my beauties with his eyes. After removing the sari he kept them in his hands and asked me what I do mom. I said him how to tie the sari and he was doing what I said. I asked him to prepare the tangles and while he was about to insert I asked him to keep them as deep as he can and he said yes. I want his hands to touch my below area of navel.He inserted the tangles deep inside and I can felt his fingers and his fingers touched my cunt hair and took his fingers. Then I asked him to keep the loose end of the sari across me. I thanked him by kissing on his cheeks. After that I said I want to wash my hands can you help me in cleaning the hands. He said yes mom and we went near the wash basin. He opened the tap and water came on and I was washing the hands and my honey is also helping. After washing he said you will get a good husband because your hands became very red after cleaning Mehandi. I said I am already married, that doesn’t count for me. We went to bed at 9.30pm. As I have said you earlier we sleep in the same room on the same bed. Every day he used to maintain some distance between us.But today he came close to me and placed one of his hands on my belly and said you are very different today mom. You look gorgeous with these flowers and smelled them and kept his head on my shoulder while I was facing the ceiling of the room. After he said those words I patted on his face and said I love you ra. Then he took the hand from my belly and placed it over my breasts and pulled me closer to him by holding my shoulder and kissed me on my neck and said I love you mom and he didn’t remove the hand on my breasts. After that I turned towards him and he removed his hand over my breasts and kept it on the side of my butt.I ran fingers through his hair and kissed him on his forehead and he said mom when we can buy my birthday dress. Till that time I thought of seducing him that night. But when he reminded me about his birthday I decided to make this birthday memorable for me and him. So I just spent the night with him talking about his birthday. Next day morning when he was going for college I asked him to come to my office directly so that we can go for shopping. He said ok mom and hugged me from front and went to office. After that I went to office and waiting for him at the office at 5.30 for his arrival to go for shopping. As soon as we saw we smiled at each other and went to shopping on his bike.I leaned forward as I was talking with him and pressed my breasts against his back and I know that he was enjoying it. We went to shopping complex and bought the dress he selected and while we are going he asked me to select the sari. I asked him what the need of new sari from me is. He said I want you to be in new clothes on my birthday along with me. I said ok and asked him to select the sari for me to know what he is feeling for me now. I thought he will select a fancy sari which makes me more beautiful and sexy. To my surprise he selected a lightly transparent pink color sari with silver finishing at the border of the sari. We bought the sari and bought some necessary things necessary for my honey’s birthday. After that we went home. We went to bed early as we have to wake up early in the morning as it was honey’s birthday. While sleeping he asked me to be on leave as it was his birthday and asked me to spend the whole day with him. I said ok and kissed him on the forehead and we went to sleep. Next day morning I woke him up with a kiss on his forehead and with birthday wishes. After that he got ready for the temple and we started to go and honey asked me why I haven’t tied the sari.I said I will after I complete the work and went to temple. While returning from temple he stopped at flowers shop and took huge no of flowers and went home. After we went home and I was busy in preparing the items for him and he was helping me. After I said that work was finished he asked me to take bath and tie the sari. I said ok and went to bathroom. While I was going he said mom I want you to look as beautiful as you are on day before yesterday. I smiled at him and went to take bath. While taking bath I imagined honey applying soap and I completed the bath in 20 minutes. After that I tied the sari in the sexiest way. I tied it 4 inches below my navel, side view of my breasts visible. Forgot to say you one thing, everyone likes the way my breasts would be, they are very firm because they were never used from my age of 27. At the back most of it is bare, it has just like a strap of the bra at the back. I called honey in to the room and asked him are you happy.He said you are more beautiful and gorgeous than ever mom and gave the flowers he bought and went and sat at the edge of the bed. I kept the flowers and turned towards him and went near him and ran fingers through his hair and said you know how to make your mom looks beautiful and took his face and hit it against my breasts and hugged him. He too hugged me by placing hands around my butts. After 5 minutes I released the hug and said lets go to have lunch and he just followed me. After having lunch when I was preparing the juice I felt hands on my waist and turned my head and I received a kiss from my honey.I asked him what? He said you are gorgeous mom and moved his hands over the butts and I turned towards him and I can see the lust in his eyes. He pulled me close by holding my butts and my breasts hit his chest and I kept the hands around his neck. He lifted me in his hands and started moving towards bedroom and while going I caught hold of one of the juice glasses. He dropped me and said I asked you to spend the day with me, but not with the kitchen and went and sat at the edge of the bed. I gave him the juice glass and asked him what you want me to do? He kept the glass a side and said I want you to take me close to your heart. I went closer to him and took his face in my hands and placed it over my breasts and hugged him tightly. He caught hold of my butts with his both hands and said I want to be like this for the rest of my life. After 5 minutes I released the hug and said I love you ra and he too said I love you mom and stood up and kissed me on my neck and removed the loose end of the sari and it fell on the floor. Then he started kissing me from my forehead and went down. He kissed me on my breasts and bites them slightly and went down to kiss my navel. From there he went down and kissed me over the pussy region over the sari. Then he turned me and bite my butts and came up kissing. He moved the hair along with flowers and kissed my back thousand times. After kissing he slid his hand into the sari and caressed my cunt. After 5 minutes he removed the hand and took the fingers in his mouth. After that I turned towards him and kissed him on his lips and tasted our saliva. I removed his t-shirt and pressed his pennies over the jeans pant. I kissed his nipples and bite them.He pressed my breasts from front once and removed the two hooks of the blouse which are at the back. He removed it and smelled it and thrower it on the bed. In few seconds he removed made me stand in front of him with bra and panty. He removed the flowers in my hair and loosened my hair. I removed his jeans pant by rubbing his pennies and finally removed the pant and he was on underwear. He pushed me on the bed and kissed me again from head to toe. But this time he concentrated more on my breasts. He sucked and bites them over the bra. After 5 minutes we both were nude and he was sucking and licking my pussy with his tongue.He sucked it for 15 minutes and it was an uncontrollable pleasure for me. After 5 minutes I asked him to use to manhood and I took it in my hands and ran fingers over the pennies and guided it towards the pussy. For the first few seconds he rubbed my pussy lips with his tip of the cock and it was like I was dying with pleasure. After that he guided it into the pussy and it hard in and out and I was in cloud nine because I was having this pleasure after 15 years. After hard stroke he cummed in me and fell on top of me. This is how I started relationship with my honey and we are still continuing. Hope you all liked it. You can send me your comments even you liked or not to me at


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